If you think this is “not for you” or that you would never dare to face the challenges of the adventure... you cannot be more wrong (you just don´t know it yet). Don´t overthink it: what you get from this experience is invaluable and will make you change your world perspective in the most amazing way.
— Javier, Spain | June '19

Hell yeah!: I wish I would find even better words to describe this experience than adventure, extraordinary, surprising, epic and incredible but I guess it’s feelings and emotions that can’t be explained and must be lived! So book your llama-adventure already and see for yourself! I myself would’ve never guessed to be able to surprise myself the way I did at this trip.
— Christine, Germany | June '19

Don’t think twice, just do it! the LLAMAs are really Epic! They do not just offer fun and excitement, and a well planned itinerary, but... they have ways to get to your hearts and make them smile and create the best memories. Thank you so much for making my boyfriend’s birthday super special. All the tiny little heart warming gestures we received right from the airport to the hotel and the restaurants we hopped into was unexpected and super touching! I couldn’t think of it being a tiny bit better or special. best of its kind! A special thank you to the King of Llamas ;)
— Sandra & Thomas (Private Adventure) | March '19

Epic Llama was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Hilarious challenges and fun people in a great (surprise) city. What more could you want?!
— Kelsey, USA | December '18

I’ve been twice on Epic Llama adventures and discovered two very different cities which I have never visited before. The concept if Epic Llama is one-of-a-kind! Bringing great people together while discovering a new city in Europe. It’s always a thrill going to the airport without knowing where you’re to or with who! I can strongly recommend everyone to take park in Epic Llama! The mystery envelopes contain everything we needed for the adventure. The challenges were a great and fun way of exploring the city and meeting the locals. Can’t wait for the next one!
— Janek, Germany | December '18

The EPIC LLAMA adventure kicks you outside of your comfort zone to explore a secret destination with a group of strangers. It’s a chance to explore yourself in a new situation and create some cool memories. It’s amazing, highly recommended :)
— Janet, Bulgaria | January '18

Our weekend was a freakin’ blast! It was my first time in the country, and I went with new friends that were up for having a great experience. Plenty of opportunities to get into fun activities, explore the city, or just relax and mingle.
— Alex, New York | April '19

f you think it sounds even remotely enticing, you should probably sign up. It’s a weekend of randomness and fun, outside of your comfort zone, but not so far out that it hurts. I even made 2 friends for life I regularly talk to after a while now !t’s fun, affordable, and something you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise! Sitting on the fence is for birds. Get down from there and sign up! I promise you will not regret it 👌
— Preben, Norway | April '17

Amazing adventure. Sexy llamas. Great people. Life changing and eye opening experience that I would do again.
— Teodora, Romania | May '18

I’m someone who travels a lot and this trip was unlike anything else I’ve ever done. Its like The Real World meets Amazing Race meets that viral video of the past week that made you laugh out loud. The challenges were spontaneous joy in a nutshell. Good food, great people, and EPIC experiences moment to moment #winning
— Ivi, New York | November '18

You know how someone once said “Travelling first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”? Know that my date with Epic Llama turned me too into a fantastic storyteller. And not just that, it was a simply fantastic experience. If the whole fact that you’re travelling with completely random people to a random city doesn’t blow your socks off, the urban challenges will! A year on, I still reflect from time to time how the trip helped me evolve into a much more open and friendly person. So take a chance, close your eyes and just show up 🙂
— Atharva | January '18

Epic Llama is an incredible adventure. You get to meet and get to know a great group of humans really well, all while doing crazy silly challenges that let you interact with a new place and it’s people in ways you never would otherwise. 10 out of 10, would recommend, do yourself a favor and sign up now!
— Minahil, USA | April '18

I’ve always wanted to do a trip like this one. It seems EPIC LLAMA had just read my mind. It takes you out your comfort zone to an awesome destination with some random awesome people. Would love to do it again!
— Jonathan, Brazil | November '17

This Epic Llama trip was great! It was super nice to just show up and have this amazing trip already planned for you! It made it even more fun that the destination was a surprise! There were tons of things that were already planned or at least suggested to us once we arrived at the destination so we really didn’t have to plan anything which made the trip the least stressful vacation I’ve ever been on! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone wanting to travel and meet a bunch of cool people!
— Anna, USA | February '18
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WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 15.05.28.jpeg
Awesome experience!!! Great destination, cool people. Would totally do it again and again.
— Moe, Egypt | February '18