🔸 The Basics

Is this for real?

Yes, 100%! ;)

Will there be a guide with us?

No, there will not. Remember, this isn't your typical tour guide trip - it's a self-guided adventure! You will be greeted at the airport by our Llama Trainer who will give you everything you need for the weekend! You will also be able to contact us at any point during your adventure via the EPIC LLAMA chat.

How do you select people?

We personally select each member of the tribe to make the group as diverse and compatible as possible. That's why the Ultimate Questionnaire is important! We try to always keep tribes gender balanced.

How many people will be joining me?

Between 5 and 8 travelers will be joining you on your adventure! If you're intersted in planning your own trip with your own friends click here.

What type of people go on these trips?

Adventerous and open minded humans who thrive on awesome experiences.

For us, travel is more than "seeing places and doing things". It is about catapulting ourselves into a new environment -- taking our mind and body outside of its "been there, done that" autopilot mode -- meeting new people, inspiring creativity and discovering new places — and hopefully ourselves in the process.

People from over 21 nationalities have joined our adventures!

How do we know about the destination?

Well, you won't! You'll have no idea where the destination is until 1 hour before departure. All destinations are outside of the your country! If the trip departs from Berlin, rest assured you will not be going to Frankfurt. All cities are within Europe but don't worry, we'll keep you away from the busy tourist cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam. We're in talks with Elon Musk about a moon adventure. 🌔

What's the age range?

Our social dventures are aimed for people between 20 & 35-ish years old. Private adventutres do not have any age restriction.

I don't like group travel. Is this for me?

Let's face it, group travel can be lame. But this ain’t your grandmother’s group travel!

We've carefully designed these adventures for people who DO NOT like the standard group travel. Our groups are small so you’ll never feel like you’re in a school field trip - making it easier to connect with your fellow travellers. You’ll have you own access to the room and plenty of freedom to wander! We handle all of the major details, leaving you more time to discover, connect, and have fun.

🔹The Details

What are the challenges like?

The idea of the challenges is to get you out of your comfort zone and make you explore the city in a unique and fun way!

Some challenges will involve interaction with locals/strangers and others will be done amongst your tribe. For example, you might have to find a certain hidden gem in the city and perform a mission. All challenges are 100% optional, but highly encouraged! It's up to and your tribe to complete them ;)

How do you choose the destinations?

We tend to go 'off the beaten path' cities. Forget Paris, London or Barcelona. We'll take you to places that you're not likely to go to on your own. Why?

  • More value for your €
  • An enthusiastic local community
  • No tourists with selfie sticks ;)

Can I do this alone?

Of course! 90% of our travelers go solo.

Can I do this with a friend?

Also yes! We encourage travelers to go solo but it's also fine to bring a friend. If you're applying with a buddy, just let us know their name!

How will I know which clothes to pack?

Our weather llamas will give you a full forecast two days before departure. This will be your only major clue ;)

Where will I be sleeping?

We work with a network of beautiful and trendy hostels all around Europe. The hostels are always rated 8.0 or higher on booking.com. You will be sleeping in a shared room with your fellow tribe mates unless you specifically request for a private room.

Will I have free time?

Yes. You'll have a plenty of free time to wander and chill :)

How much does it cost?

All adventures cost between 190€-250€ and include rountrip transportation, accommodation (2 nights), a welcome meal and other surprises! Read more about this on this page.

Is there a student discount?

Yes, we love students! Write to us and we'll see what we can do.

I'd love to do this with my group of friends. Is that possible?

Sure thing! Click here to get started!

 🗣Diving Deeper

What can I expect during the weekend?

Adventure, connection and fun! Anything can happen. Have a look at this blog post for more info!

Which cities do you depart from?

At the moment, EPIC Llama is available in Berlin and London. Make sure to follow us on FB/IG to find out when we launch in your city.

I really want to do this, but I'm too scared.

Magical things happen when you jump outside of your comfort zone! Our advice? Just do it! As Mel Robbins says, if you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. Trust your instinct, and don't let your brain talk you out of a potential adventure.

Are the departures guaranteed?

All adventures require a minimum of 5 people. If we don't reach the minimum tribe size, the trip will be cancelled and your money will be 100% refunded.

I have ideas on how to make this more epic!

Ah yes! I'd absolutely love to hear them! Get in touch ;)

Too much reading. Can you show me a GIF?

Thought you'd never ask.


More questions? Send us a message!




Stefano is the founder & Chief Llama Trainer at EPIC LLAMA! He thrives on flying out of his comfort zone, getting people together and seriously thinking outside the box to enhance and add value to our lives. He’s travelled to nearly 50 countries and has met around 4 llamas in his lifetime. Stefano created this company as part of his life long quest to bring more adventure into our lives. “It’s adventure that keeps us moving!” 🚀

Check out his latest talk (TEDx) below!


We are on a quest to make life more epic! We replace the boring things in life with excitement and fun. We’re all about spontaneity, challenging ourselves and taking on a more a adventurous life. Our weekend getaways are just the beginning!  
Three quotes we live by:
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
- Helen Keller

Only mystery allows us to live, only mystery.
- Federico García Lorca

Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually.
- Abraham Joshua Heschel