Is this for real?

Of course it is!

How do you select people?

We personally select each member of the tribe to make the group as awesome as possible. That's why the Ultimate Questionnaire is crucial. Age and sex are important players. We try to always keep tribes gender mixed.

What's the age range? 

At the moment, our adventures are aimed for people between 18 & 30-ish years old

What type of people go on these trips?

People who attend these trips already have so much in common. They are adventurous and open minded humans who love traveling and having fun! Getting along with your tribe will be the easiest thing ever. They are also very international. So far we've had travelers from over 17 nationalities join our adventures!

Will there be a guide with us?

No there will not. Remember, this isn't your typical tour guide trip - it's a self guided adventure! You will however be greeted* at the meeting point by our Berlin Llama Trainer and be given everything you need for the weekend! You will also be able to contact us at any point during your adventure via the EPIC LLAMA chat.

Plane, bus or train?

Could be either one of them! We will never take a bus or a train that lasts more than 4 hours. However, in most cases, you will travel by plane (if the price is higher than 170€).

What can I expect during the weekend?

Adventure, awesomeness, fun! Anything can happen. Have a look at this blog post for more info!

Which cities do you depart from?

At the moment, we only depart from Berlin, but this is about to change. We're planning to do adventures from Amsterdam, London and Brussels very soon! Make sure to follow us on FB to find out when.

I really want to do this, but I'm too scared.

Magical things happen when you jump outside of your comfort zone! Our advice? JUST DO IT! Seriously.

Are the departures guaranteed? 

All adventures require a minimum of 5 people. In case the minimum is not reached the trip will be cancelled and your money will be 100% refunded.

Too much reading. Can you show me a GIF?

Thought you'd never ask. Here you go. 

I'd like to quit my job and join you. Can I?

Sounds like the right move.

How many bananas do you eat weekly?

I'd say between 6-9 bananas.

* only certain trips.


How many people will be joining me?

Between 5 and 10 travelers will be joining you on your epic weekend! The average number is 8 people

How do we know about the destination?

Well, that's the catch! You will have no idea where the destination is until 1 hour before the departure. All destinations are outside of the departure city's country! If the trip departs from Berlin, rest assure that we will not be going to Frankfurt. All cities are within Europe, for now.

How do you choose the cities?

We choose awesome cities we know our travelers will enjoy according to season and availability. We avoid going to big cities like Paris or London, for example. We tend to go 'off the beaten path'. In the past, EPIC LLLAMA adventures have been to 3 capital cities and 4 non-capitals. Everyone single traveler so far has loved their destination! Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Can I do this alone?

Yes! 99% of our travelers go solo. It's more fun that way :)

Can I do this with a friend?

We encourage travalers to go solo and we do give preference to them, however you can definitely apply with a buddy. Just let us know his/her name via The Ultimate Questionnaire!

How will I know which clothes to pack?

Our weather llamas will give you a full forecast two days before departure.

Where will I be sleeping?

We work with a network of beautiful and trendy hostels all around Europe. Our hostels are always rated 8.0 or higher on You will be sleeping in a shared room with your fellow tribe mates.

Will I have free time?

Yes. You'll have a plenty of free time to wander and chill.

How much does it cost?

All adventures cost between 190€-250€ and include return transportation, accommodation, a dinner/snack and other surprises! Read more about this on this page.

Is there a student discount?

Yes there is! Just let us know that you're a student and we'll make it happen.

I'd love to do this with my group of friends. Is that possible?

Sure thing! We can organise private EPIC LLAMA adventures for your birthday, bachelor party or anything else you are celebrating. Click here to get started!

I have ideas on how to make this more epic!

Ah yes! I'd absolutely love to hear them! Get in touch ;)

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And I'm Stefano, Chief Llama Trainer a.k.a. Adventure Creator a.k.a. the crazy guy who started all of this. I thrive on flying out of my comfort zone, getting people together and seriously thinking outside the box to enhance and add value to our lives!  Also, a big shout out to all my friends who've been supporting EPIC LLAMA! You know who you are. 😜 Lot's of llama love to you all! Feel free to say hello!


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