Playground for Adults is an an experience full of epic, silly and fun games that will make your inner child go wild! 🐒

Playground for Adults.jpeg

As kids, the opportunities for play were endless. As adults, we rarely get to play and some of us even forget how to. Well, adults deserve play too! The importance of play is huge:

  • Relieves stress & improves brain function

  • Boosts creativity

  • Improves relationships and your connection to others

  • Keeps you feeling young and energetic

  • It's exercising without even knowing it

  • It’s FUN!

What to expect?

Expect to take part in a series of fun, curated group games including childhood classics, competition games, chasing games, random games.. pretty much all types of games! All this in company of an awesome group of around 20 people. Expect laughter, good vibes and great people in a nice park! Some games are somewhat physical so make sure to bring comfy shoes and sporty clothing.

What does it include?

• Around 2 hours of planned games & activities guided by a "play coach".

• Some water and juicy snacks.

• Access to the Berlin Play Messenger Group

• Infinite laughs & meeting other awesome ‘players’

The city is our playground, come out and play!


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