London Date November.jpg

Departure: Friday Morning
Return: Sunday Evening

Before October 15th: £200
After October 15th: £250


  • Roundtrip flights from London (outside of the UK). ✈️

  • Shared accommodation for 2 nights. (rated 8.0 or higher on

  • One delicious tribe meal. 🌽

  • Thoughtfully designed epic challenges for your tribe.

  • A personalised city guide with awesome recommendations.

  • An awesome story to tell your friends & family. 😎

    Does not include: transport within the cities, tour guides, llama rides, ugly fridge magnets.

If you’re thinking ‘is this worth taking a day off work?’, the answer is 100% yes! If you have any other questions feel free to send us a message or read the FAQ.


Pictures from past adventures