a new way of travelling 🚀

We connect you with awesome people from your city and send you away on epic weekend trips to surprise destinations! You won't know where you're going until you’re at the airport. Once at your destination, you will have to complete a series of challenges that will make you discover the city in a totally unique and fun way.

It’s about meeting new humans, discovering new places and having shared experiences. It's about celebrating the unknown! And don’t worry, you won’t be going to London, Paris or any major tourist city. Instead you’ll be discovering off the beaten track destinations you’ve probably never been to.

For a more detailed explanation on what to expect during your weekend check out this blog post.


How does it work?

  • Step 1: Pick your adventure. Put some funky music on and select one of our upcoming trips. 😎

    • Step 1.1: Grab a beer or a nice chai.

  • Step 2: Request an invite by filling out The Ultimate Questionnaire. It's full of fun GIFs to keep you entertained! And yes, we do need to know what your favourite vegetable is. 🙌

  • Step 3: Wait for confirmation. If you have been invited, you will have 48h to confirm and make the payment. If you don’t confirm, your spot will be given to someone else! *cries*

    • Step 3.1  As the departure date approaches, you will receive emails that will include clues to where you are going, who you’re traveling with, important information such as the meeting point & weather updates, and super funky GIFS. Your adventure begins now!

  • Step 4: Keep yourself alive until the trip! 🕺


how much & what does it include?

Our adventures cost between 190€ and 250€. It depends when you decide to book. 

All trips include

🚀 Flights to and from your departure city

🛏 High quality shared accommodation for two nights
All of our accommodation is rated 8.0 or higher on Booking.com

🌽 One delicious tribe meal

🗺 A personalised travel cheat sheet

⚡️ Thoughtfully designed experiences for your tribe

🤘 Lifetime memories, hugs & possible friends for life

Does not include: transport within the cities, meals, and ugly fridge magnets.

Want to know what a typical weekend looks like? 
Check out the blog post below!