Give Less F*cks is an epic 3 hour social adventure where we hit the streets and complete a series of fun comfort zone breaking challenges in public.


So many of us live our lives in the comfort of our own bubble a.k.a the 'comfort zone’. We don’t blame you, it’s a cosy bubble. Yet deep down we all know the magic happens when we step outside of the bubble. It’s where growth takes place! This is your opportunity to actually step out of your comfort zone and not just read about it.

🙌 HOW 🙌

After a short presentation followed by a few fun games to get to know each other, we’ll hand out the challenges, split up into small teams and head out to the streets! No f*cks will be given after that. Ok, maybe just a few…

We have a list of about 25 challenges of all different levels! A lot of the challenges will involve some sort of social interaction with strangers. A lot of them will involve making a fool out of yourself in public. You will be embarrassed, you will fail, and you will feel better after. Don’t worry though, there are no life threatening challenges.

We’ll get into it slowly and, as we do, the more comfortable you’ll feel with feeling uncomfortable. Trust us. You’ll notice that in fact most people actually don’t care and are too worried about their own problems :)

✨WHY ✨

1. You will boost your self-confidence. Seriously. You’ll grow, whether you want to or not.
2. You will become more resilient and prepared for whatever comes your way.
3. You’ll learn about yourself. Who knows what this might trigger in you! New and challenging situations require you to find your own creativity in order to reach a solution.
4. Life becomes lively: When your life stops being a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, everything shows up different.
5. You’ll become more creative. When you seek new experiences, learn new skills and open new doors, you become inspired.
BONUS. You’ll have a great time, learn something new, meet potential friends for life and learn to give less fucks.


• 3 hours of fun, challenges & growth
• Juicy snacks to give you energy.
• Access to the 'Give Less F*cks Berlin’ group.
• Meeting other awesome like-minded people
• A chance to win some prizes ;)