So far nearly 200 people have filled in The Ultimate Questionnaire. One of the questions we ask is for you to define a completely made up word. This word is ‘clunguna’.  I honestly could have never imagined how hilarious, weird and realistic some answers would be. We’ve selected 22 of the best replies to showcase to the world. These are all real people from various nationalities, aged between 20 and 35 years old. Let's begin! (in no particular order)


So, what does clunguna mean?

It's pretty much a miracle. The buttered toast phenomenon is a real thing.

1. Most people think its an STD, but in reality, it's the rare term for a toast falling on its un-buttered side.

That must have been painful!

2. Made up? Are kidding?! I had that on my testicles, and boy did it hurt! Actually, I might still have it, but since I haven't washed or seen my lower parts in a couple of months I can't say for sure.

Seems super legit. Who are we to argue?

3. Clunguna: [klun-guh-nuh] noun (archaism) - Used in the ancient times as the very well known term of the XXI century "cockblocker". Ex.1 "Brutus I sayeth unto thee, time and time again, thou art a Clunguna.”

"Fucking ringtone!"

4. Clunguna refers to the moment when you think you got a message because everybody has the same fucking ringtone/notification sound.

Thanks for the nightmares.

5. A long brown and red bird living in tropical islands, where he terrifies all the other animals.

Pure love for this one. 

6. It's a blissed state of being clung by the most beautiful llama on the world.



Douglas Adams anyone?

7. A clunguna is a small mammal, characterised by soft fur, over-dimensional eyes and more-than-usual energy levels. It’s often referred to as the most awesome animal on the planet and frequently carries a small sign around its neck that reads: ‘who left the bag of idiots open?’

No time wasted here.

8. Synonym of ‘whatever'.

Thumb squeezing sounds like a killer attack!

9. An attack used by Pokemon of the shell-type. They just open up, squeeze your thumb and close up.

Well, technically, it's correct.

10. Clunguna is a word of a made up origin used by (un)known llamas to put strangers' creativity, intelligence and possibly overall awesomeness to the test.

Seems like the ultimate holy sound.

11. When 3 elephants stand in a circle, put their trunks together in the middle, form an egg-like shape with it and make a deep "uohhhmmmhhh" noise with it!




12. The mating of two very sexually confused male gorillas.

Sounds like the worst gum flavour on the planet.

13. The movement of the tongue when chewing on a tuna-flavored gum.

One way ticket to Clunguna!

14. An alternate world where everything is made of food and after you eat it, it just regrows aka the solution to world hunger.

We've all been there.

15. Past tense of Clingine: to hold on to your drink even though you can't differentiate the glass from your hand anymore.

Is it on Duolingo?

16. A state of passive clinging in the language of Doobie Da loogieanon.

Schwambabels is the next big thing.

17. Clunguna is a drink made out of schwambabels, it tastes fresh and sweet, it is normally served with schmecksels on ice.


18. The little dance a cat makes when it's reaching up for something on two legs and leans a little bit too far backwards.



I'm digging this one. Can we do it?

19. Clunguna is an African folk dance, where you are tied back to back with someone else of the opposite sex and move synchronous to beats traditionally from drums or human beat boxes. The last couple standing is the Clunguna (old latin, clung = couple; una = one - referring to the one last couple).

Can we fill it with cheese?

20. A ratchet looking hot tub.

That's deep.

21. As you move forward in your life and you end up in those situations where you cannot remember where you at and in what year you are living, this is the status defined as 'clunguna.'

Aphrodisiac AND anaesthetic!? WOW.

22. Clunguna [pronounced Lan-goo-na] is a tropical mammal native to the tropical countries of South America. It is widely bred for the use of its saliva which serves as a proven aphrodisiac and anaesthetic.


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