Here’s a short summary of what to expect during your weekend. The rest, well, you’ll have to trust us - and the universe. Anything can happen when a group of awesome travellers get together!


You wake up buzzing with excitement, pack your bag, have some delicious breakfast and make your way to the unsurprisingly easy-to-find meeting point! While on your way you’ll be able to chat and send epic selfies to your fellow tribe mates via the group chat!

Once at the meeting point you will get to greet your fellow travellers. At last! You will finally see - and hug - who you're going to spend the next 72ish hours with. Or will you?… Yes, you will. You will be able to find them quite easily due to the secret EPIC LLAMA signal we told you about a few days before. 😉

Fast forward a super exciting intro session, a fun plane/bus/train ride and voila; you have arrived at your destination. Now it's time to find your way to your accommodation! This is a challenge itself!

Once there, you have whatever time is left of the day to complete your daily challenges and explore the city! Oh, and don’t forget your epic welcome dinner to start off your night!


You might have had a rough night so you should take it easy. Not. You can sleep when you’re dead! This is whats you might expect on Day 2.

- An exciting and ridiculous Urban Challenge Race where you may or may not have to ask a random stranger for a 30-second piggy back ride, upon other super random things.
- Free time to explore whichever beautiful city you’re in. 
- A pony ride
- An epic dinner/party, perhaps? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
- A chance to win a once in a lifetime prize *


Chillax, you deserve it. Wake up, grab some brunch if you have time, share memories from yesterday’s shenanigans, or buy a banana and split it with your Tribe. The morning (or day) is yours!


We can't really tell you what will happen because no EPIC LLAMA weekend has ever been the same. All we can say is to embrace it and have as much fun as possible. Because that's what it's all about.

We start the tale - it's up to you and your tribe to finish the story!

* The prize is a pony ride. *1

*1 It isn’t, we lied. No ponies :(